Christian Lijsen, was born in Bad Tölz, southern Germany in 1971.
After completing his training with distinction in 1989 and with the experience gained from working in various workshops in Munich, Christian moved to Amsterdam to work for Andreas Post as a full time restorer. This was influential for his further professional development in restoration. On returning from Holland, Christian worked for two years in the well known workshop of Hieronymus Köstler in Stuttgart, before starting self employment in 1999 with his wife Sarah in Munich.
During this time he passed his master exam in violin making with distinction from the Bavarian government.
Particular inspiration for new making came from the completion of master courses held by J.V.Stietencron in Riva Del Garda and Ascona, Italy. 

Work emphasis / philosophy

The philosophy for his work is strongly influenced by the classical violin making tradition. However, when Christian copies classical instruments, the aim is neither a detailed true copy, nor a sound copy, but freedom is given to allow a personal and individual result in style and sound.
Every year he produces two to three instruments following classical patterns, which are well received by professional musicians.