New instruments

From the interaction of many parameters, such as quality and condition of the soundwood*, choice of the model **, type of front and back, thickness of plates, bass bar style, type of varnish ***, etc. ultimately results in the character of an instrument.

By varying these parameters, different sound results can be obtained, e.g. a broad, cloud-warm tone of a Guarneri model or a noble, assertive tone of a Stradiuarius model ....

Since our instruments are completely handcrafted with the utmost care, we can respond optimally to each of these parameters and hopefully deliver a satisfying sound result for you.


* the wood is sourced from a northern Italian alpine valley, for the floor wood we use Bosnian maple

** Model replicas of Guarnerius, Stradiuarius, Testore, Guadagnini, Goffriler ...

*** we manufacture both fully painted instruments as well as high-quality copies of old master instruments. Self-made paints and color pigments help us achieve a high standard of quality.